1. Explore freelancing.

One of the greatest benefits of freelancing is that you can work anytime and anywhere you want. Several businesses are now offering part-time services for skilled individuals. Whether you are into graphic design, bookkeeping, blog writing or virtual support, you will surely find the right opportunities for you.

2. eBooks, Blogging, Tutorials and Online Courses

  • Books. Self-publishing ebooks is a great idea, if your most of your content can be communicated mostly through text. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to have your book included in big online book retailers such as Amazon.
  • Blogging. Did you just sign up for a Lazada affiliate program in Malaysia? Then, you can promote your products more effectively through blogging. Having a blog can open more doors to more income streams, from selling ad space and online product selling to affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.
  • YouTube Videos. YouTube provides many ways to monetize videos through advertising. Just like in blog ad feeds, this specific income stream can be significant, if you have lots of viewers.
  • Online Courses. Online courses are getting more and more popular because people appreciate the convenience it brings. They don’t need to leave their homes, and go to class to get some additional knowledge. If you develop your online courses well, it can become a significant part of your passive income.

3. Make money online through your hobby.

Everything would depend on the kind of hobby that you have. Do you think there’s a way to monetize it? If you love making homemade goods, and arts and crafts projects, then you can sell them on Etsy. On the other hand, if you love photography, you can sell your photos on GettyImaes and BigStockPhoto.

4. Sell used and new goods online.

Back then, Craiglist, Amazon and eBay are the only platforms allowing people to sell used and new products online. Today, there are already tons of resources online where you can sell your goods. The best way to start? Declutter your home, and look for household items that you can sell.