During World War I, although soldiers were given standard-issue pocket watches, they are quite cumbersome to utilize back then. That is because soldiers would have to fish them out of their pockets and since they are carrying bulky guns and other things, doing so may not be practical.

That being said, there are some soldiers that have this idea of creating a makeshift wristwatch by tying their pocket watches on their wrist using a string or a rope. After the war, some of them went home still wearing the makeshift watches and this gave watchmakers the idea of creating the first-ever wristwatches that we know today.

Although pocket watches were still alive back then (they are still nowadays), it was evident that wristwatches were the timepieces of choice moving forward and although not a lot of people are wearing traditional watches in this day and age, there is no denying that they still have a lot of fans all over the world.

Sure, technology has evolved and it has helped bring a smartphone and a smartwatch to the mainstream market, but there is still some allure in wearing a classic automatic watch more than anything else.

In today’s article, I will cite some reasons why you should still be wearing a watch even in today’s world.

Watches Are More Convenient than Smartphones

Sure, a lot of people might tell you that you do not need a wristwatch because you can now do that using a smartphone. Well, I am pretty sure that those are the same people that are now questioning the negative effects of constant smartphone use.

That being said, although smartphones can tell the time (and do more things), using a wristwatch to do the same thing is far more convenient than fishing a bulkier gadget from your pocket.

A simple glance on your wrist will tell you the time as opposed to fishing out your phone from your pocket or bag to do the same thing.

They Are More Functional

Anything that is made and used by the military is bound to be useful and that includes wristwatches. Watches were used in the 19th century to help coordinate attacks on all fronts.

Although smartphones do come with more functionality than a wristwatch could ever do, they are still functional in the sense that it, too, can come with its own set of features.

Also known as watch complications, the most common feature found in watches is the chronograph, followed by the moon phase calendar (among many other things).

They Are More Stylish

I have never seen anyone carrying a smartphone where people would compliment them on their style. A watch, however, can wow the people in the room.

A True Symbol of Craftsmanship

Look at any Rolex or Grand Seiko watches and on the surface, you might think that they are simpler timepieces, but it is what you cannot see on the surface that counts.

When you pry open such a timepiece (I suggest you don’t), you will find that the watch is expertly made. Its mechanism is well-built and you are using something that was carefully made to last.

Can Be a Great Heirloom

My father received a Rolex watch from my grandpa and although the said timepiece is worn out, my dad has received a piece of history.
Watches are built to last and that is something that cannot be said for smartphones.

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