Are you thinking of buying new baby products for your little one? Buying baby clothes, baby milk bottles and baby bath accessories in Malaysia for your child is exciting. Just make sure that you know the right items to buy. One of the most difficult things to purchase for babies are cot mattresses.

Do you know that you can legally purchase a cot mattress that fails to meet product safety standards? Not all products that can found on retail shelves are considered safe. A very soft sleeping surface can cause serious accidents, in case your infant child rolls over face-first. How can you know if the cot mattress you want to buy is safe?

A firm mattress is the best kind of mattress for your baby. Cot mattresses which are flat, and don’t have quilted, undulating features are less likely to fail firmness tests. Whether you want a foam or latex cot mattress, you can get one that passed the firmness test.

Are those cot mattress which are vacuum-packed safe?

A lot of cot mattresses these days are shift in boxes. In those boxes, the mattresses are rolled up and vacuum packed. This mean that you need to allow many days for it to completely expand. In some tests, some mattresses remained bent even after many weeks, thereby failing firmness tests.

Is it okay to buy a second-hand cot mattress?

New cot mattresses are still the best. But, if you have no choice but to get a second-hand cot mattress, that’s fine as well. You just need to check properly if it is firm enough. Moreover, it must not show no signs of mold or dampness. The mattress must fit perfectly in the cot.

Safe Baby Sleeping Tips

1. Always your baby to sleep on her back, with the feet at the cot’s base.
2. Never use thick blankets, quilts or pillows on the cot.
3. Purchase a safe, firm mattress.
4. Keep the little one’s head away from blankets, and uncovered. You can also use a baby sleeping bag.
5. Pick a cot that passed all safety standards.
6. Soft bumpers and toys can pose suffocation risks, and must never be placed on the cot.
7. Don’t wrap the cot mattress with plastic or other unbreathable materials.