When you look at a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, what do you usually
see? Well, you will see many different mobile applications, right?

Mobile applications can further extend the capabilities of a phone. No matter how
powerful a device is, it is only going to be useful if there are actually applications that
can truly harness its power.

That being said, most businesses are now into mobile app development simply because
they cannot refute the power of mobile apps in the business setting. It has certainly
improved the lives of both the entrepreneur and their customers because of the
convenience that it brings.

But, how about in the educational setting? Are schools getting in on the action as well?
Although it is met with criticism, more and more schools are now thinking about
incorporating educational apps into their curriculum because it has been proven time
and again that they actually help improve the students’ learning and comprehension.

With that being said, is there any benefit of using mobile apps in secondary education?
Well, there is! Here are some of the benefits:

The Present

It is without a doubt that kids and teenagers are already sinking a lot of time in the use
of some mobile apps, particularly those that provide entertainment, as well as useful
information about the topics that they do like.

Educators should be quick to adopt a new teaching methodology that makes use of
intuitive learning apps so that they can teach the students in the best way possible.

The Statistics Speaks for Itself

So, how do students fare in secondary education when using mobile apps? Let’s look at
some statistics. In one study, it was revealed that 52% of the students have admitted to
checking their mobile devices first thing in the morning to find out if there are any
messages that are being sent from their classmates or teachers. What this means is
that there is a new ‘social’ and it is in the form of mobile apps.

In another study, 45% of secondary-level students benefit from mobile learning apps,
especially when it comes to answering their assignments.

Lastly, 64% of students really love using different mobile apps to further the school’s
functions. For example, if there are any upcoming events, students can ditch traditional
advertising in favor of push notifications within the school’s app.

Customized to Perfection

As different schools have different needs, a mobile app developer can help them create
a customized app that is built with all of the features that the school needs to help
further advance the learning of their students.

Furthermore, the app is scalable in nature which means that any new features can be
added at a later time if it means the improvement of everything across the board.

Distribution of Study Materials

Teachers will no longer have to print out leaflets and handouts to their students as they
can give away study materials directly from the school’s app. This can save them a lot
of time and resources in the process.

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