Despite the fact that the industry is old, affiliate marketing still remains as one of the
best out there in terms of generating a passive income stream.

But as you can already tell, there are changes in the way we do things that the industry
has to adopt in order for this to still be relevant in this day and age.

Today, I am going to be talking about some interesting predictions about the future of
affiliate partnerships that you should know.

Going Global

More and more companies are looking into expanding their brand globally. Gone are the
days where they would rely on local advertisers to make their company known; they
would have to make use of affiliate marketers and influencers to do their bidding.

Because of the rise of social media, companies are looking for different ways in order to
reach a more global audience. That is why social media and influencer marketing have
been on the rise as of recent years.

Changes in How We Shop

According to numerous surveys, people actually use three devices every single day. It
could be two mobile phones and a tablet, or a tablet, phone, and computer.

Now, the problem arises when one shopper browses for stuff online on one of their
devices and make the purchase in another. This is actually quite common, but affiliate
marketers would have to understand the psychology behind this to further their
marketing campaigns.

For companies, they would have to look into certain ways they can improve their
business model and to help improve their average order value, streamline their product
categories, among many others.

More Relevant Content

As the needs of the consumers change, so does the approach of the publishers. They
have to find ways that will help them create more relevant content so that they can
reach a lot more people.

For instance, those that are solely focused on creating finance strategies may look into
retail and travel content. The more relevant content they can put out, the more they can
serve more people. And, the more people that are indulging in the content that they
make, the more money they are going to generate.

The Use of Machine Learning

Machine learning has been used extensively in various fields today, but as the
technology continually develops and matures, it can certainly pave the way for better
affiliate partnership interactions.

Machine learning has been used extensively in subscription-based services such as
Netflix and Spotify. Basically, it learns from the habits of consumers and provides
meaningful suggestions that they may like based on the type of content they are
typically consuming.

This technology can certainly help advertisers and publishers know how people will
interact, especially when it comes to their purchase decisions.

And because of globalization and diversification, it can certainly improve existing affiliate
channels and help leverage and forge more meaningful partnerships with affiliates and
companies, hopefully, in the foreseeable future.