The 10 Trends You Should Know This 2019

The 10 Trends You Should Know This 2019

1. AMP: Webpage Speed Improvement

AMP is the standard for building new websites based on the SEO Consultant. Through progressive we apps and accelerated mobile pages, you can make your mobile pages a lot faster. AMPs are integral parts of Google search engine search results pages.

2. Online Content Matters

Algorithms are always improving, but it still needs quality content to identify the relevance of pages to search queries. Make sure to produce compelling, engaging content regularly.

3. Voice Search

Several search queries today are being made on mobile devices. Because of the increasing use smart home devices and digital assistants, people will most probably utilize voice search frequently this coming year. As a website owner, you can leverage on this trend by focusing more on long-tail keywords.

4. Google’s Mobile First Index

Google is now focusing on mobile use and mobile users. This is not really surprising, considering the increase in number of mobile users the past few years. Whether you are managing a personal blog or ecommerce website, you should optimize it by mobile devices before 2019 starts.

5. Links Are Important

Backlinks will continue to play a vital role this coming year. You can definitely achieve credibility and authority through backlinks.

6. Stronger Focus on Image Searches

Optimizing your visual materials is one good approach you can do to generate more web traffic. Upload more images in your web pages. Your website should be a harmonious interaction of text, image or video materials to add greater value for users.

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7. Rankbrain: Machine Learning

Rankbrain is a self-learning algorithm introduced by Google in 2015. Since then, AI has been responsible for responding to different search queries, including complicated questions.

8. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will play a crucial role in the digital landscape this 2019. These can satisfy every yser’s need for simple responses to simple questions.

9. Important Structured Data

With the evolution of search engine results pages, Google is gaining access to more data materials. At present, Google can also build its own compelling meta descriptions from existing posts. expect search engine giants to utilize structured data to build rich snippets.

10. User Experiencethe human mind by hweeshin

One of the most important things you should remember? Don’t optimize for Google and other search engines. Optimize with your users in mind. Work hard to provide them with a better user experience. The following are good starting points:
– mobile optimization
– technically flawless web pages
– loading speed