Top Website Design Trends That Will Impact 2019

Subtle, Scrolling Animations

More and more web designers are using scrolling and subtle animations to improve a website’s performance. We are all visual creatures, so including these would engage them even more.

Fluid shapes, Brighter colors, and Asymmetrical grids

Split-screen web designs are currently trending, as well as curves and bright colors. These elements are attention grabbing enough to improve conversion, engagement and sales.

Vector Graphic Images

Have you ever tried using scalable vector graphic images on your page? This is not really a modern feature, but you and your website developer can use it to further set your brand apart from the others.


Whether you are a personal blogger or an experienced ecommerce professional, you should consistently widen your knowledge on JavaScript. This is essential in order to make more interactive, engaging elements.

Voice Search

Voice search will always be a part of website design’s future. As compared to other website trends, this one is expected to be even more popular.