First-time mommy and daddy may find parenting quite difficult as they’re relatively new to nurturing a baby. Their worst nightmare will be when their precious little one has a flu that seems to last forever.

Though a fever is a normal body process, it can be a hint for different bodily processes. It could be a sign that your body is fighting an infection and thus heats up when fending off invading pathogens. But it could also just be a part of your baby’s normal progression.

Treating a baby’s fever is not actually as hard as we thought since most of the stuff that you will need can be purchased in baby stores, offline and online.

Having said that, here is the best ways we’ve summarized for you to treat your baby’s fever:

Choose and Use the Right Thermometer

For a baby younger than 6 months’ old, you will need to use a rectal thermometer instead of a regular ear thermometer. The reason is that babies at this age still do not have a fully-developed ear. Using the latter, will ony give you inaccurate readings. An approved rectal thermometer is a much better choice.

Fever and the Doctor

As mentioned earlier, a fever is a normal bodily response- usually indicative of infection (but can also be a normal process during a baby’s normal growth).

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated that it’s normal for a baby to be at a temperature of 97-100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, beyond 100.4 automatically means they have come down with a cold.

For a baby 3 months old or below, the right time to call a doctor would be immediately as it’s now easier for them to be infected. On the other hand, children over 6 months should experience a fever of 100.5 and above before you call the doctor. Hibari Mont Kiara Clinic is highly recommended for giving your baby a thorough treatment for a fast recovery!

A feverish baby tends to get easily dehydrated. So, it’s vital that they’re provided enough fluid (breastmilk, formula milk, or water)

Depending on the baby’s age, physicians might prescribe medicines such as baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the symptoms (cough, loss of appetite, sleepiness, diarrhea, and vomiting). Be sure to not go beyond the recommended dose.

Other Things to Do

A lukewarm bath may help on reducing your baby’s body temperature. However, if you observe them to be reacting uncomfortably, pull them out promptly.


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